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The modified set is nothing if not artistic: from gorgeous tattoos to fabulous body jewelry that adds glamour and intrigue to every pierceable part, inspiring one’s heart with art is as natural as breathing. But if the daily grind sometimes gets in the way of truly appreciating how much beauty the world contains, then Inspire Your Heart with Art Day is a perfect day to take some time to reflect on the effect art has had in your life.

There is no end to the list of things that will make your heart happy, including:



Write a poem/novel/love letter.

Go to your local art gallery.



Do something crafty.

See a movie that makes you feel amazing at the end (one of the best, even if animation isn’t usually your thing, is Hayao Miyazaki’s lush and colorful Spirited Away).

Pick your own. And maybe adorn yourself with a heart or two while giving your own heart something substantial. And then spread the love around, so others may also find art in their lives.

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