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If you didn’t already know, today – June 28th – is International Body Piercing Day! Hooray!

What is it? This awesome holiday is celebrated on the birthday of a person we all should be grateful for if we have a piercing in our body: Jim Ward, the man who is best known for the innovations he brought to the industry of body piercing, including the internally threaded barbell.

Why should you celebrate? Today is a day meant for continuing the ongoing legacy that Jim Ward started for us pierced folk, which is promoting the education and awareness of both the culture surrounding body piercings and the proper safety standards that should be practiced with them.

How to celebrate: Many piercing studios celebrate today with offers that will have you running to get that waitlisted piercing you’ve been wanting, so if I were you, I’d check out your social media accounts and hunt for any postings of deals around your area!

  • J

    International Body Piercing day June 28 should be a National Holiday Worldwide!!! And also National Piercing Day May 16 should a National Holiday to!!! Thank You!!!👍👍👍👍👍

    Jeffrey Greene on

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