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Today we’re going to cover Internally threaded vs Externally threaded body jewelry, what they are and the attributes of each.

Internally threaded:

Internally threaded means that  the inside of the part of the jewelry, that will pass through your body is smooth. The threading or ‘screw’ is on the removable end, such as a ball end on a barbell. This end will screw into the hole that has been drilled with the matching pattern, so it will receive the end of the jewelry and create a snug fit.

The benefit of this type of jewelry is that as it passes through the body, it is smooth, comfortable, and minimizes trauma to the flesh. This is especially helpful in new piercings.  Internally threaded jewelry is more difficult to manufacture, so you may find it’s a bit more expensive, but is usually worth the investment.

Here are some examples of Internally threaded jewelry:


Externally threaded:

This seems to be the most common style of jewelry that you can buy from many vendors. Externally threaded jewelry  means that the screw pattern is cut into the barbell, or part of the jewelry itself, that will pass through the body. The receiving or ball end has the hole in it, which the jewelry will screw into.

This type of jewelry is recommended for healed piercings.

Find examples of externally threaded jewelry here:


  • A

    Hi Jacqueline!

    In most cases, a “dermal top with a threaded end” most likely means it has the threads attached to the top – in other words, it will screw into the “stem” implanted into your skin.

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • J

    Thank u so much for this! What if I buy a dermal top with a ‘threaded end’? Can u explain what that means?

    Jacqueline on

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