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The barbell piercing worn in the ear cartilage goes by a few different names : The barbell is called an industrial barbell, construction bar, or industrial project bar. Sizing of these bars varies depending on the person, because everybody’s ears are a different size.

Industrial piercings are commonly done with a 14 gauge needle. The jewelry itself can range anywhere from 28mm to 50mm in length. You’ll need to ask your piercer or have your ear measured to ensure you are getting the right fit. The angle of the holes and the distance they are apart from each other will greatly effect whether an industrial barbell fits your ear or not. The ball ends of the barbell will be a 5 or 6mm screw fit. (Ball ends can be removed using our Body Piercing Ball Removal Tool)

As with any piercing, if you’re having difficulties finding the right fit or inserting/removing your jewelry, visit your piercer. They’ll be more than happy to assist you!

  • A

    Hi Sydney,

    Industrial bars will give you that “industrial” look, but you can certainly wear other jewelry in the piercings.

    The most important thing to remember when swapping out this jewelry is the gauge of your industrial bar. Most industrial bars are 14g (but not all!), so find a piece of jewelry of the correct gauge to swap in. As long as the gauge matches up, you can wear any type of cartilage jewelry, including BCRs, cartilage studs, or captive rings.

    One last thing – since you said you just got pierced “recently,” we’d suggest consulting with your professional piercer to make sure you’re healed up enough to swap out your jewelry!

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • S

    So I recently got an industrial bar piercing and was looking into buying more earrings/bars for it. Are the bars the only thing you can get for it? Or are there other options of changing the look etc.

    Sydney on

  • A

    Hi, I want my industrial piercing to heal quicker (I want to purchase double barrels), so how long should the post be? 12mm or 14mm each?

    Alondra Castillo on

  • y

    i have a industrial piercing i have a small ear what size will fit me perfectly the bar i have on is sticking out

    yessina on

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