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An Ocean of Color

Watery hues, swirls of movement, reflected sunsets, and oceanic shimmer. Heightened nature with vivid coloring. Ombre shading and brilliantly splashy effects that mimic the language of water.

Chillaxing on the Shore

Beachy new retro, hippie styling. Gently sporty, surf and skate motifs, love beads, and stacks of multiple bracelets with a very laid back feel. Psychedelic color tones. Iridescence and tie dye.

Suited Up

Circles and polka dots, flowery hues, brights, and saturated colors. Polished stones and shells, and blends of shiny finish and visible textural elements. Organic shapes, exotic color combinations, and a slightly bohemian/ coastal nomad feel.

Bare Belly Beachside

Eye catching sparkle, gemstones, and highly reflective finishes. Summery motifs and shapes. Soft colors, auroras, pastels, and silvery metallic finishes that hint at a day in and out of the water and a breezy, go-with-the-flow temperament.

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