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Wicked Rainbow Stripes

Rainbow coloring, with an attitude. Stick on gems, false eyelashes, and electric lip gloss. Candy striping, rainbow ombre, clean lines and gradients. Color gone hyper.  Not your mama’s rainbow.

All in the Icing

Hues that bring to mind candy coating and cake icing. Brights, pastels, multi-tonal fades, and maybe even a little shimmer. Shades of violet, blue, and fuchsia go to work.

Piercingly Sweet

Shiny finishes with a purposefully metallic look. Blending standard steel or solid ebony with splashes of brilliant color. A mixture of straight bars and studs with circular barbells and captive jewelry for a constantly changing focus.

Cupcake Love

Candy sprinkles and morbidly sweet decorations. Cakes and biscuits in unnatural or over-exaggerated colors. Kitsch detailing like skulls, stars, and hearts. Sweets that look so good they make your mouth water

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