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rolling in dough

Today is Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, and we’re paying fashion tribute to the only thing more iconic than our founding fathers: dough.

Moolha, greenbacks, cheddar; whatever you call it, we all work hard and strive for it every single day.  From sunup to sundown, and sometimes in between, we’re revving it up to make sure we reel it in.  But there is a way to look nouveau riche without breaking the bank.  It’s a little thing that we in the world of jewelry like to call “bling.”

That’s right.  Even if your bank roll is a doughnut, your necklace can be a dollar sign, and that’s why today is all about the Benjamins (in more ways than one)!

 fun dollar sign jewelry

Ready for a little fun?  Can you name the corresponding famous mug for every denomination of paper U.S. currency?  Just in case, we’ve banked an answer key below, but no peeking!

 phony hundred million dollar bill

Answer Key:

$1 – George Washington, $2 – Thomas Jefferson, $5 – Abraham Lincoln, $10 – Alexander Hamilton, $20 – Andrew Jackson, $50 – Ulysses S. Grant, $100 – Benjamin Franklin (of course!)

Now here comes the big money that most of us never see.  Last issued in 1929 and standing to this day: $500 – William McKinley, $1,000 – Grover Cleveland, $5,000 – James Madison, $10,000 – Salmon P. Chase, $100,000 – Woodrow Wilson. The $100,000 bill was issued only to banks and never circulated.  As far as the other large bills, both the five thousand and ten thousand dollar note are known to have just over 300 each left in existence.

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