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Captive rings are one of the standard types of jewelry worn in many piercings such as; cartilage, septum, nipple, daith, and nose. Also commonly known as a BCR or CBR; they come in a number of sizes, colors, and styles. As cute as they are, wearing them can be a challenge, but with the proper tools and knowledge, it can make things a lot simpler.

Here our Team member, Janna, demonstrates how to remove the ball on a captive and how to replace it.

Janna starts by showing a basic removal and replacement by hand. She holds the jewelry by the ring and simply pulls the ball out. The ball has two circular indents which is where the end of the ring secures into. The next ring has a slightly different end, which is jeweled. This too simply pops in and out, and has two slots for the ring to secure into. Sometimes though, the ball end is in too snugly to be easily removed, so special pliers with notches that open outwards are used to spread the ring to allow easier removal. This though, can spread the ring too far. Another pair of pliers either with rubberized gripping ends or metal ends with indents can be used to press the ring ends closer together for a snugger fit. Janna uses tweezers with round, flat, gripping ends to hold the ball to prevent it from sliding or spinning in her finger tips to replace the ball back into the ring.

Thanks for watching! We hope this video blog has been helpful!

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