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We offer many styles of pregnancy belly rings here at BodyCandy, they’re a great way to maintain your belly piercing during your pregnancy. If you’ve looked at them before they may look outrageously long at 2″. This is because they are meant to be adjustable, because every body is different. Some people require more or less space than others. The shaft of the belly ring is made of bioplast, which is a biocompatible material that many people find to be comfortable due to it’s flexibility and hypoallergenic qualities.

Step 1

Simply unscrew the ball end from the top of the piercing. Don’t worry if the bottom comes off, it can be screwed back on as well!

Step 2

Measure how much barbell length you need.  You can do this by removing whatever current jewelry you may be wearing, and inserting the barbell to see what is a comfortable length for you.

Step 3

Remove the jewelry from your piercing. Cut the bioplast with a pair of scissors at about a 45 degree angle, at the desired length.

Step 4

Screw the ball on onto the end you’ve just cut. This make take a few tries so the biopast forms threading from the inside of the ball end.

Step 5

Wear your jewelry proudly! You’re all set and ready to enjoy your new jewelry!


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