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celebrating a love of animals

Today is an awesome day for pet owners and animal lovers, an unofficial holiday called Love Your Pet Day.  Animal caregivers can celebrate today by spending extra time with their furry friends, giving them gifts like toys or treats, contributing to causes associated with animal rights, or just showing the world their love for the “other” mammals in their family.

But this day isn’t just for dogs and cats; small animals and birds are an often neglected segment of the pet population.  Guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and hamsters, as well as snakes and reptiles, tropical birds, and of course fish and frogs all count too.  And these rarer pieces of the animal care pie are just as deserving of extra attention.

 all types of pets

Some great ways to give back include volunteering at a local ASPCA or Humane Society event, becoming a pet foster parent, making small donations to shelters or second chance homes in your area, and buying pet-centric products where percentages will be donated.  These cute accessories from Heart U Back are a perfect pick, and a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit the ASPCA.

 jewelry for pet lovers

So make sure you get in on the action this Love Your Pet Day, and everyday, because your fuzzy family members can’t speak for themselves, but they still find ways to say, “I love you.”

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