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facial piercings during the holiday season

It’s easy to freak about a holiday with family.  What will grandma think of your new piercing, and will it be as bad as last year when your great uncle Joe remarked about how “you kids are always stabbing yourselves in the face?”  Well, if you don’t want any grief over visible piercings this Christmas, maybe it’s time to make them invisible.

A clear or flesh tone retainer works wonders for those piercings that noone really needs to know about.  It hides what you don’t want seen without the unsightliness of a band aid or the hassle of heavy cover-up, and since there’s still something being worn inside the piercing, you don’t have to worry about anything closing up.

clear and flesh tone piercing retainers

Retainers can be a temporary solution, or a cool transitional piece, like these beautiful glass and surgical steel septum retainers.

body jewelry retainers for septum piercings

So ditch the worry and weak excuses this holiday season; what grandma doesn’t know about the number of holes in your face won’t hurt her.

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