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this century's last repeating date

What’s so special about the 12th of December 2012?  Well, for starters, it’s the last repeating date for the rest of the entire century!  This means that over 99 percent of us won’t see 12/12/12 again in our lifetime.  According to many spiritualists, this is the beginning of a period of enlightenment that will come to a close one minute after midnight on December 21st, the end of the buzzed about Mayan Long Count Calendar.  It’s even being referred to as “National Sound Check Day” (you know, check, one two, one two, one two).  And while millions see the date as the beginning of the apocalypse, those who are lucky enough to have a birthday today are more eager than ever to boogie down and celebrate.  So how are we celebrating 12/12/12?  By counting down the twelve days ’til Christmas of course!

On the first day of Christmas… a partridge in a pear tree

 fun peacock body jewelry

The partridge may not be as colorful as the peacock, but both birds belong to the family of pheasants, and both bring some beauty to the holiday at large.

Two turtle doves

 adorable dove jewelry

The dove has long been associated with Christmas due to their designation as a symbol of peace, as well as their involvement in Christian iconography.

Three French Hens

 cool flag of France body jewelry

Hen, pigeon, dame, call a lady what you will, but never underestimate the power of a little French va-va-voom.

Four Calling Birds

 cute songbird belly rings

If it seems like all you hear this time of year are songs about Christmas, consider the obligations of the sweet and sultry songbird.  After all, these things don’t sing themselves!

Five Golden Rings

 24kt gold plated navel rings

Five golden rings is sooo baby boomer.  Why not give a classic a new lease on life.

6 Geese a Laying

 cute holiday pregnant belly rings

Geese may have only to lay an egg, but for buns in the oven of the human variety, nothing says love like a Christmas decoration that even the unborn can (sort of) enjoy.

7 Swans a Swimming

 fun swan body jewelry

Swans are majestic, graceful, and never short or shy on bling.  Sparkling wings?  Don’t mind if we do.

8 Maids a Milking

 cool cow, leopard, and zebra print jewelry

Who needs the milk, when you can have the whole cow… or leopard, or zebra…

9 Ladies Dancing

 adorable dancer jewelry and accessories

The best time to dance like noone’s watching is at that awesome holiday party.  Besides, once everyone’s had a little egg nog, nobody will remember that you did the running man anyway.

10 Lords a Leaping

 fun froggie body jewelry

Lords leaping around sounds a little bit extreme, unless of course, we’re talking about the fabled Frog Prince.  Just don’t forget the kiss; amphibians need love too!

11 Pipers Piping

 shining anodized titanium tunnel plugs

The best in hollow metal cylinders?  The colorful kind that can fit through our ears.  That makes two amazing sets of pipes.

12 Drummers Drumming

 neat music note body jewelry

If you have a drummer drumming in your household this holiday, a little musical inspiration never hurts.

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