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fun little stocking gifts

Looking for stocking stuffers or fun little gifties?  Look no further.  The best in small gifts and Christmas stocking fodder for all generations is right here!  Like this sweet personalizable jewelry.  Get your giftee’s name, initials, or favorite “it” word in one of our unique custom fonts on a necklace, belly ring, or pair of pierced earrings.  With multiple colors and styles to choose from, they’re sure to be smiling for this one of a kind gift that’s almost as special as they are.

cool custom necklaces, earrings, and belly rings

For persons with multiple piercings or those who enjoy changing up their look frequently, a bonus pack is the ultimate in stocking sweetness.  Get multiple jewelry replacement balls, interchangeable packs of multi-use BCRs, coordinated earrings sets, and more, pre-packaged together at one affordable price.  It’s the fashionable gift that’ll last them all year long.

economical jewelry multi packs

Of all of the fun little trinkets and baubles, these gorgeous glass cocktail rings stand a cut above the rest.  Handmade in a wide selection of colors and designs, their simple and classic style is a winner the whole year through.  So why not give the gift of chic?  It’s a match made in holiday hot list heaven.

gorgeous glass cocktail rings

Last but not least, when you’re giving to a girly girl, there’s nothing quite as cute as a delightful little cell phone charm.  Choose from the sweetest in cellular bling from Playboy, Baby Phat, Gioielli, and more.  The only thing that could make these dangles any more adorable is a matching purse pup and a coordinated sparkly manicure.  Shop on, holiday hero.  Shop on.

sparkling cellular charm dangles

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