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Christmas gifts for the modified

Buying gifts for modified family members?  Even if you don’t know the size or location of all of their mods, there’s a ton of fun gifts that are perfect for the pierced and tattooed.  Just follow our fantastic gift picks, and those tough-to-buy-for gift-getters will crumble like a Christmas cookie, we swear.

For those with multiple piercings and tatts, we have one word: aftercare.

 piercing and tattoo aftercare products

Aftercare products are a lifetime investment, so they’re always going to be something a modification enthusiast can use, even if they don’t get opened right away.  For persons with a larger collection of mods, consider compiling a customized gift set, like a mouthwash for oral piercings, a foam wash for tattoos, and a spray for body and surface piercings together in a bag.

If you can’t remember which piercings are which, but remember seeing a lot of interesting jewelry on your gift recipient, jewelry care items are always in style.

 jewelry care items and boxes

For those who wear circular jewelry in their ears, nose, brows, lips or elsewhere, special pliers to open and close those rings can be a real time saver.  Jewelry clothes for silver and gold pieces are great too, to assist with cleaning, and durable decorative jewelry boxes are something you can never have to much of.

When you’re buying for someone whose sizing and materials preferences you do know or can get hold of, bonus packs are a gift that’s sure to be appreciated.

 interchangeable packs of body jewelry favorites

A bonus pack is a collection of interchangeable jewelry pieces that allow for several different looks, like sets of matching earrings, or a belly ring with multiple balls.  These items are packaged together for one low price, and for those who frequently lose body jewelry pieces, they can also be great to have as back-up parts.

Last but not least, when you just can’t decide, there’s always the option of an easy body jewelry gift certificate.  This way your giftee can pick out their own items from the comfort of home, and a sweet personalized message makes the card itself something special.

 personalized body jewelry gift certificates

Holiday shopping?  Please!  We’ve got it covered, right?

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