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Piercings should be an acceptable part of the work environment, but we know that isn’t true everywhere. Unfortunately many employers still view piercings as “unprofessional,” and may expect you to remove or cover up your body jewelry while on the clock. They can be a health and safety hazard in some industries (fast food, restaurants, jobs that require you to use industrial machinery, etc.) though, and that should be taken into consideration if you decide to get pierced.


If you’re in a field where your safety or the safety of others isn’t at risk due to your piercings, then here’s a few tips on how to hide your piercings and the types of jewelry you can use to make them look less noticeable.

micro nose piercing

Micro nose rings are a great option if you’re going for the less likely to be noticed approach. Sometimes the reason for covering a piercing is more of a formal appearance standard than discriminating against them altogether. This way you can still be pierced without drawing everyone’s eyes to your piercing. However, if your boss/teacher pays close attention to detail, these might not be the best idea.

horseshoe septum piercing

Septum piercings are one of the easiest piercings to hide because, depending on the type of jewelry you wear, you can easily flip your septum ring up inside of your nose. Consider choosing from jewelry that is labeled as a septum retainer, or horseshoe if you know you may need to do hide your ring for work or school. These rings look awesome when they’re showing too!


piercings - clear retainers

If you’re looking for a 100% guaranteed way to hide your piercing, retainers are the way to go. These clear, bioplast rings will make it nearly impossible for someone to notice your piercing. Options like these are also available for tongue piercings, lip piercings and curved barbells for belly button piercings.

  • A

    Hi Gerry,

    2.5 months is not enough heal time to be able to switch out your jewelry. It’s not a great idea to wear a headband or other headwear that covers the helix, as this can significantly irritate your piercing.

    Your best bet is to find a hairstyle that covers your helix. If that isn’t an option, you could always simply wear the helix ring to the job interview… Helix piercings are often relatively subtle, especially when a simple piece of jewelry is worn in them.

    If it’s totally against the dress code, you’ll need to figure out a way to permanently hide it. Otherwise, you’ll need to decide whether the job or the helix piercing is more important!

    Alley (Body Candy Team) on

  • g

    I have a helix piercing for about 2.5 months now, and I have a job interview soon, how do I hide it without risking an infection?

    gerry on

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