Hidden Body Modifications

by Crystal S

Okay, we've already got some people. If anybody new is joining us, my name is Alley. I am wonderful today. I am super excited to be here with you. I have a bunch of my picks of the week. I have the top five products of the week, as usual, and we're going to be talking today about some hidden body mods and piercings and maybe why people have them and why they choose to hide them or not hide them.

Septum piercing girl

We've got a ton of really interesting responses from Snapchat this week, so I'm pretty excited about it. If you have any questions, make sure you pop in and comment below. I will get to periodically throughout the video. As always, if I don't get to the questions during the video, your question will help to form future content. I love that you come see me every week. You're the best.

This week, there's something new that we're going to starting. I know the last couple weeks I have kind of been blasting products at you and I'm like, "Here's this cool piece, product number, blah-blah-blah. Search it this way on the website." We're going to start doing something a little bit easier than that.

Cartilage Jewelry

Every week now when you watch, if you see any jewelry that you like, there's going to be a page on our website that only contains the jewelry that I show during my videos, so you guys don't have to try to remember things or write stuff down. It'll just be a tab or a link that you can get right to. I'm sure we'll go in and add that at the top, in the caption on this video when we're done today

Rose Quartz Heart plugs

Okay, so, top five products this week. We have a little bit of a mixture. The first thing I have is this really sweet little opal septum ring. It's super frilly. It's got a couple of clear accents in it and then the little opal in the center.

There's so many people waving and saying, "Hello." No, I don't have my industrial done. My little sister does, though. It was one of the ones I was always scared of when I was younger, and now that I'm older, I have just never gone back to get it.

Item number two that was on the top five this week is this cutie little unicorn baby belly ring. So cute and sparkly. I love the little pink hair. I think this is super fun, especially with any of the festivals for the summer. I just love sparkly, pretty stuff that you can wear that's super party and fun and stuff that you might not be able to wear to work and stuff like that. So, that's definitely a really cute one for that.

Septums are totally easy to hide for work if you wear a retainer, or you can also wear like the horseshoe one which is just like the little U-shape with the two little balls. Either one of those. The retainers are like the longer version of that. Those are made purposely so you can just kind of loop them right up. Sizing is probably a little tricky on that, but if you need any help, you can hit me up on Snapchat and I can totally try to help you out with that.

We sell industrial bars like crazy, Madison. We've got pages of them on our website, bodycandy.com. I don't know that I brought too many with me today because I have a bunch for next week, actually, but we do sell a ton of them.

Industrial Barbells

This is so great. We have some friends from Body Candy that are helping me out, and they'll be commenting back to some of you, which is awesome.

I'm sorry your septum hurt, Madison. Mine was not that bad. Actually, that was one of my least painful piercings.

So, top five. I like answering questions but then I forget to show you guys stuff. There is a two pack, actually. This one is the spiral version. I could probably just hold these ones. These, they're nipple bars that have the pearlescent pink, teal, or purple on the balls, and then this has the spindle horseshoe. Then, of course, you have the barbell that's in the same version. It is a two pack, which is pretty cool. I also like these ... If you like a bigger septum ring and stuff, a lot of times the nipple horseshoes are really cool for that. I'm still trying to get a little bit more adventurous with wearing different jewelry in places that it's not meant because I think it's really cool. If any of you do it, please send me pictures on Snapchat or Instagram. That is where I live.

Snapchat is bodycandy.com and our Instagram is @bodycandy, which is also our Twitter. Any of that social media, if you guys ever have any questions or concerns and you reach out, I can totally help you. That's usually who you're talking to, it's me or maybe a couple ... maybe one other person, but it's usually me.

Body Candy is the same when you order from Amazon. We just have the Amazon store set up so you can purchase it from different locations, but we are available on a bunch of different sites, so that's still totally us.

Our next top five product of the week is one of these cutie little flowers. We have a couple color variations on these as well, but they have the cute little faux opal center on them that's really cute. Yeah, it's like a little sunflower. I kind of like the length on it. It's just a really unique piece. I love these, where they have something happening on top and then it's kind of continued on the bottom. It's so cute. You know, honestly, I feel like this might be a really cute earring too if you had only like a 14 gauge hole. See? Always try and find new ways to wear jewelry. So, that's a really cute one.

Oh, yeah. Labrets, the tragus, the helix, all the cartilage studs, a lot of those are super similar, so that stuff's always interchangeable, pretty much.

I think I had one more top five product. It's another really pretty belly ring. You know how much I love aliens and space and stuff. Look at this cute little planet with the dangle-y stars. It's so cute.

Again, I know I said a little bit ago ... There's a bunch more of you here now. Holy moly. Any of the jewelry that you see today, there is going to be a web landing page on our website that's going to contain just all of this jewelry. We're kind of going to let that chill for a month, so every month that you watch, that section will get added to. So, even if you watch something this week but you don't get paid until next week and you forget all about it, we're going to keep it all in one spot for you guys. We're not going to mess around with all these product numbers and stuff.

Everybody needs this. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love this. I'm actually probably going to take this home with me today.

So, that was our top five, which I dragged out because I love talking. I love answering comments and stuff, which is also why I'm here. If you guys have any questions or things that you have ever been interested, please feel free in ... to comment. Every Friday, my week is so long, and then by today I'm just a mess.

I did bring a couple of other jewelry pieces with me that I selected, but we're going to talk about the Belly Ring of the Month Club really quick. You have been absolutely amazing. We just started the Belly Ring of the Month Club in May, and ... May 14th, to be exact, so we're not even at a month yet, but we're in our second month of the club technically. We had so many sign ups last month and then so many at the beginning of this month that we actually had to ... This is also kind of a disclaimer. We had to do some color variations on these, so there's a chance that when you get the belly ring, the stone on it might be white instead of red, and you might end up getting this ...This one's velvety. It's so cute. There's a pink variation of it.

We just had to make sure that you can all get your bags, but we weren't expecting so many people. In the future, we'll be planned ahead, but for this month and possibly July, there's going to be variations available in case we run out, but that should be more and more incentive for you guys to order as soon as possible because if you order ahead, you're in the count for the exact set that you see from the get-go.

Belly Ring Monthly Club

I'm sure we'll have the link for the subscription, but if you go to bodycandy.com and search "belly club" ... "belly ring club", I think, it'll come right up and you'll see it. What it'll do is when you pay for it that day, it's going to charge you. It's $14.95 a month, but you get a $45 value, three belly rings a month.

To me, even beyond the financial portion of it, these are really cool because two of the pieces are going to be exclusives that we don't sell on the site, so they're going to be only available to the Belly Ring of the Month. Then the center piece that's always going to be the feature is actually made by AJ and handcrafted and her team. These are one-of-a-kind, can't buy them anywhere else. They are made with love and care. This is really, really awesome, so we ... I've seen the next couple months' worth of the handcrafted pieces and they're so cool.

We've been trying to feature them around the holiday or if there's something important happening. I know a few people have pointed out that this month's club seemed kind of Fourth of July based and that's because it is because we figured by the time you get your June Belly Ring of the Month Club box, it's going to be almost mid- to late-June, so it'll be just in time for the beginning of July. Some of them, obviously, where the holidays are later in the month, we won't have to do that, but with these ones, we had to do them, or we wanted to do them that way so you would have them in time.

$14.95 a month. There is a $5 a month shipping and handling fee if you're outside the U.S., but that does not apply if you're in it. We also have an option where you can sign up for a year and I think you get two months free, so you pay for 10 and you get two free. It's pretty cool. Make sure you look that up if you have interest. I don't have the complete set from last month with me, but it was mermaid inspired and it was so cute. There was like a mermaid tail and like a puka shell dangle-y one, so if you want to get in on that, make sure you get to bodycandy.com and search " belly ring club."                

The other part of someone's question was if you could choose the jewelry for the kind of piercings you have with the subscription box. Right now we're only doing belly rings because we wanted to get our feet wet, see how you guys reacted, see if it was something you would even be interested in. Now that we know that people are interested, we're trying to make sure that everything is 100% awesome for you guys, and then in the future we're hoping to expand on that, so there might be more options later. Hopefully we'll get there. I think we will, so keep watching. Everybody's asking about nose rings and septums and stuff. We totally want to do those. Part of the reason that those are a little more difficult is because there are size variations, but we're going to figure that stuff out for you.

My doubles, Hannah, did not really hurt that bad at all. My piercer was awesome and she did such a great job. I really didn't have a hard time.

Industrial bars, that's another one. We'll totally work on trying to figure out different lengths and stuff. We will always show what pieces you get for each month. And the other important thing that I want to make sure I point out is you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you get two or three months worth and you're just like, "I am not going to wear these. Or I can't afford to do this anymore right now." You can just cancel your subscription, there's no harm no foul, you're not locked in for any amount of time or anything like that.

I think have a pause option. There's going be, if you want to just take a month off, there's going to be a couple different options for you guys. We're always at the beginning of the month going to issue a picture, it's going to show you exactly what you get. And I'm always going to be showing them on the live videos. I've been showing them every week, just to make sure that people see them.

I'm about to go get my high nostrils down, so I'm hoping that I'm not going to be a huge baby. They're the next set up on your nose, so that's probably my next piercing journey, come end of the month, or beginning of July. I'm trying to decide if I want my nose to be swollen for my birthday. So, trials and tribulations. So yeah, my birthday is next month, I don't want a big swollen nose. Whatever.

I know that I say throughout the videos all the time, I am the SnapChat Girl, so if you are on SnapChat, I'm sure you've seen my face a bunch. You're about to start seeing it way more. I'm getting rid of my personal SnapChat account so that I can focus on you guys full-time. So it's going to be a little bit more of my life than it has been lately. You guys are going to see a little bit more because I like to travel and I like to do cool stuff. You'll get to see all the cool things in Buffalo and all the cool stuff that I go do. Plus, I always share product photos, sneak peeks, I do votes, so sometimes when I'm getting ready to do some product ordering and stuff like that, I'll be like, "Hey here's five pictures. Screenshot your favorites." And then your vote affects how I order, so that's pretty cool.

If you ever like having your opinion heard or feel like you want to be included in decisions, that's an awesome way. SnapChat is directly me looking at it, and you guys will probably notice if you haven't already that I'm constantly screenshotting, and that is because I like to save everything. Either to share on our social media later, or to use in the future on social media. Or also I share them on the stories, different things like that. Also I just collect information that way.

Yes, I'm in Buffalo, New York. So super fun in Buffalo. If anybody from Buffalo ever has any questions about piercers and stuff, please let me know because I know I'll start to get more of that. I know that stuff doesn't apply to everybody, but I can totally do that stuff for local people.

So back to SnapChat. My feature this week, we do on Tuesdays, I pick a piercing every week that we feature. The location of the piercing, it will ask you your pain scale of 1 to 10, how bad it was to get it pierced. Pros and cons, things that you love about having that piercing, things you hate about it. So it's a really cool way if there's any piercings you've been thinking about, but you're uncertain or you're a little nervous, there's tons of information pumped right at you about one thing. If you're scared about your belly button and it's belly button week, you're going to see 30 people or more and their feelings and what they went through. Since everyone is different, I try to really include a good mix of that stuff.

But the last couple weeks, I haven't picked a specific piercing. I've been picking things around what I wanted to talk about on live. So this week, I ask people to tell me about their hidden modifications and their hidden piercings, and why they have them, why they enjoy them. All that kind of stuff. And I got some really interesting answers back. A lot of you told me you had your nipples pierced, and that the reason you didn't show anybody is because it's your boob, and that's totally true. So that was definitely a big answer, but there was actually like a straight up list of other reasons.

Septum Piercing girl

So obviously, before I read all the hidden reasoning, there's more than just your nipple that can be hidden. You can have your belly button. Anything below the belt, obviously is going to be hidden. Septums can be considered hidden because you can tuck them up. The smiley, which is the little gum up here, the webbing underneath your tongue. So yeah there's a bunch of different that you can tuck up and hide. Also, really, anything small in your ear if you put Bioplast or something clear in it. You probably wouldn't see it very much, so that's something to keep in mind as well.

The other, the top answer outside of the funny answer that I got, was "military." Military personnel can't really have tattoos and piercings visible. Also, professional jobs was another big reason, I feel like those fall in the same category. Nursing staff. It sounded like a lot of them aren't allowed to wear fake nails, or even paint their nails sometimes, or wear a lot of dangly jewelry because it's not very safe if you're trying to help people out in a hospital. So that was a really interesting one.

"Strict and religious family members" was another big one. I got a lot of "My mom and dad would die." Which I thought was really sweet, and also I think it's awesome that you guys decide that you want to get a piercing and you still try to respect someone that might not like it. That was actually another point that was said, was that some people don't want to make other people uncomfortable. There were some people that said that they like it being a secret, just because it's for them, privately and maybe their significant other, which I thought was a really nice answer, as well. I've got a lot of very sweet women that told me it was just theirs and their husband's or boyfriend's little private thing, and I thought that was awesome.

I had a few girls tell me that they were afraid that if people knew they had piercings that are considered a little more "sexy" or private, that people would judge their whole personality based on it. And they told me they tended to be conservative. So I thought that was a really interesting one, because I don't think that sometimes you don't fit into the exact mold of a certain category, so you might be more conservative, but that doesn't mean you don't want a beautiful piercing or to wear pretty jewelry.

Let me see. I did, this was the one that made me the most mad, truly. I had a couple of guys tell me that they don't tell people that they have their belly buttons pierced because they get picked on for it, because it's mostly a "female piercing." Well guess what? That's not true. End body shaming for all. It shouldn't matter, male, female, whatever, that really bummed me out to hear that from people. So I was really pumped that we had multiple guys that told me that, though, because that's really cool to know. It just shows you that anybody can enjoy getting pierced.

And lastly, one of the really cool ones I got was, the enjoyment of telling people at surprising times. I had a couple people tell me that it's so fun for them to meet people because they're conservative and quiet and then reveal that, "Woo, I have this crazy piercing." So I thought that was really sweet. Yeah, so that was a really neat little insight. That's what's most interesting to me about those, always, is that like I said, everyone is different. Your pain tolerance can be totally different.

Girl screaming

Also, all this interaction, even each of you that are commenting on here, you guys are all from all over the world, it's really awesome. When I turn on the SnapChat map, you guys are all spread out everywhere. Which is really, really cool to see, but also there's different cultures and there's different ways that thing are done, and also I sometimes forget that living in Buffalo, upstate New York, we're also close to Toronto, my house is a mile from Toronto. We are in an area where piercing and social mods, or body mods, are a little bit more accepted and very social. And not every area is like that, so some people live places where there's only one piercer, or maybe one tattoo shop.

Wow, you're super far! That's really awesome. I totally know where that is, I used to be really bad at geography, but I'm not anymore. And partially because of all this. Like I said, I love looking at the map and just seeing all of your little emoji people everywhere.

I grabbed a couple things that I just thought were super cute this week. Maybe a little bit different. And also I tried to grab some stuff that we had variations of, because I know that not everybody wears the same jewelry finish. So, this was one I grabbed this week. I think maybe we've shown the gold or the silver one in the past, but it's been a long time. This is the black anodized finish. It is the lotus septum clicker. If I can hold it still it'll probably show up better. So it's super cute and very simple.

I have been liking clickers because they just slide in and out, or the segment rings. I love seamless jewelry, but I don't always have pliers with me. So these are really cool because you can just pop them in and out. And like I said, I like this because it's a little more elegant, but it's not super flashy, there's nothing, sometimes I don't want diamonds hanging out of my nose. I get really weird about that. Not everybody does, but I just like to have the option. So I thought that was a really nice basic one, and of course I just wear this simple rose gold segmented ring in my nose for the most part right now. Just because it's a little bit easier for me, for you guys, because I'm always taking stuff in and out to show you in pictures.

Septum Rings

Your bellybutton piercing. I didn't like it that much, but it wasn't that bad. I'm, this is so interesting. So I'm afraid of needles, I'm heavily modified but I don't like needles. But also, with my belly button piercing, there's something weird about the thought of something going through my belly button, and I still have that problem when I change my jewelry every single time. I'm like, "Ugh." The whole time I'm changing it. It causes a visceral reaction. So it wasn't that bad, but if you don't feel that way about it, I would think it's even less terrible. And that was one of my earlier piercings so I've had that for a really long time. And I like that one because it's for Summer and the beach, especially with all these cute little dangly babies. This is that planet one more time. Just because I can't let it go. It's so cute.

last week I had a couple people asking me about good ones for the conch, which is usually in here. And I was telling you that we had some spreads that nestle in there. I made sure I grabbed one of the opal ones for you guys, so that you could see it. It's just one bar but it's got the five gems on it. So I thought this was really, really cute. Anything cute for a rook, we have tons. I don't have anything with me, but you can search online by, there's a tab at the top that says, "Ear", and then it lets you dropdown and it says like, "tragus, cartilage," there's a rook section. And that will show you all of the different studs we would have. But also, I'll make sure that I start bringing some rook jewelry with me.

Obsessed with our nose rings, thanks, Danielle. Oh man, you've got all of the nose stuff. I've also been getting into my nose. I've always had the hoop. No, hold on. I forget which way I did this. When I was 16, I got pierced. I did one lip, and my nose, I think it was these two. And then, a couple years later I went back and did my opposite lip, and then a few years later, I did the double. So I've been through a bunch of nose ones and as I said earlier, I'm going to do my high nostrils soon. So I'm pretty excited about that.

Anything with cartilage, I always think sucks. Yeah. Way more than a belly button or anything. Your belly button is just skin, you're not going through anything hard. And of course that also helps with your heal time. It's still going to be a little long because it's under clothing and can get rubbed on stuff. But some cartilage piercings can take eight to 12 months to heal. I am going to be curating one of my ears, probably closer to Fall. So you guys are going to see me go be a huge baby and get a ton of piercings in one ear in one shot. And I'm actually doing a ton of piercings in one ear in one shot, and I'm doing that because I don't want to have to heal them all separately because I'll never go back.

The industrial, and that's two of them in the cartilage, that's rough. I also really love the front helix, the triple ones right here. I have so many ideas. Your septum, part of the reason your septum doesn't hurt that bad Danielle, I see you is ... So I always thought your septum was just pierce through cartilage because of course you have all this cartilage in your nose and that's totally not true. There's a little place called the sweet spot, which is a spot of skin that's in between two pieces of cartilage and that's where you get pierced, so it was actually really not bad, it's a very soft piercing. I see videos online sometimes where people are jabbing needles through your nose, it's totally not like that, it's very soft.

In fact, if you go to our Instagram, our handle is @bodycandy. If you scroll down a little bit there is a video of me and I'm kind of sitting there like this, there's a guy in front of me with a needle, that's the clip of me getting my septum done, and you can see I don't even flinch or anything. I almost didn't know what happened, I swear it was really not that bad.

I'm glad to hear somebody had an easy daith, Sue, because the girl that went with me and got her daith done the day that I did my septum said that was the worst one she ever had. But see, proving my point guys, everybody's different, pain tolerances are different. I have tattoos in some really sensitive spots that everybody told me it would be so bad, and I've been a baby about the ones that everybody told me you weren't bad. So everyone just has their different things and different stuff that freaks them out.

Another cutie that I grabbed, this actually would be super cute in a daith while we're talking about it. I'll just kind of show you guys first, it's a little heart seamless, but it has an elephant in it and the trunk makes the heart. It's so cute. This would be really cute. Also around your, like any of the upper helix piercings, this would be really cute in. I loved this, I love elephants, I just thought it was really sweet and simple, a little flare without it being like, "Holy moly, I'm wearing a ton of stuff."

Thanks so much Victoria, I'm glad to hear you're industrial was easy. I've never asked my sister how hers was, but like I said, that was what I was scared of when I was a kid so I never did it. Let me see here some other ... I did grab a bunch of cartilage studs this week though. I wish I could kind of show you these all at once but I'll just keep talking and kind of show you in little segments.

This is going to be a five pack, so everything you see in the next minute here actually comes together. This one is like a white iridescent color, and the movement of texture that you're seeing is mermaid scales. It's really, really cute, they're like dragon scales almost. Depending on which way you like to think about it but scales are scales, and I also love mermaids so that's why I've been trying to show you guys all the mermaid stuff.

So another one out of that pack is this one and this one doesn't have the mermaid scales but it's the druzy so it's rough cut. It's really cute. It's teal, also still in the color family of mermaid stuff that's why I really liked this pack. Three more for this pack. There's another one of the scale ones that's not quite as white, it's a little bit more blue and purple. There you go, you can see the scales in there.

I'll show you these ones with my fingers because you already saw the other ones. These are also the druzy, but one is like the silvery kind of pyrite looking which is what my ring is. That's kind of what it looks like but smaller, and this one is the dark blue.

All of those little studs, these are the little cartilage ones, they have a little ball on them, these were a five pack. You can wear these in like anywhere up here, you could really wear it in your tragus. In my opinion, if you really want it to be you could probably even wear these in a philtrum. I wonder if we have any Bioplast balls in them that would fit on these.

Something we talked about last week was oral piercings, or maybe the week before, and some people were telling us that some different metal balls have hurt their teeth and their gumline and stuff, so I've been trying to figure out how much Bioplast things we have. Actually, speaking of Bioplast, I found this cute little baby when I was out looking today. This is a little ball of jade and the back of it is called Bioplast, it's a plastic that is made ... Those are great if you have a lot of health issues or you have a lot of surgery but you still love having mods, those are totally safe for being left in and stuff. Those are pretty great.

Tongue ring

I didn't bring as much jewelry with me today because I wanted to make sure I had time to talk to you guys. Does anybody have any other questions? Everybody's been coming and visiting the last few weeks which is making this stuff really exciting. Actually next week, I know I was saying it earlier about traveling. I'm going to be gone, I don't know where I'm going to be yet, but I'm going to be doing Facebook live from somewhere different.

Our Snapchat name is bodycandy.com, and when you find it's my face like with the hearts over it, and I have my phone in my hand, and it's got the blue hair so you can tell it's me.

If you enjoy hanging out with me, you enjoy knowledge, and piercings, and seeing jewelry and things like that, make sure you follow us on all of our social media. Instagram is @bodycandy, Twitter is @bodycandy, Snapchat is bodycandy.com. You're already on Facebook, and then we do have a YouTube channel which is youtube.com/bodycandybodyjewelry. I'm going to start doing a lot of tutorial videos and stuff on there, so that will definitely be a good link to know that you have. You can also go subscribe and hit the little bell so it gives you the notifications when we do upload videos if you like to keep up on that kind of stuff.

Other than that, I love hanging out with you guys on Snapchat, I love getting all of your snaps of your cats and your dogs, and your piercings, and your Hump Day hauls, all that kind of stuff. So make sure you're coming out on Snapchat, bodycandy.com is the handle for that. That's awesome, Hannah, make sure you snap me all of the time. Teresa, we do have earrings, if you go to bodycandy.com and just click on the ear tab, and drop it down for earrings. We have so many and a lot of them are handcrafted so they're super unique and you can't get them in other places which is awesome.

If you subscribe to the belly ring of the month club right now you still get June, so whatever month you order in is going to be the first bag that you guys get. From then on, I think it's going to auto charge on the seventh of the month, and then we'll be getting them out on a regular basis. That was kind of one of the things that was a little trial and error, so for the first month or so, a month or two I think, we have been going through and doing that stuff. There was a whole period, I guess that doesn't matter to you guys, but we're working that stuff out so you guys will all be charged on the same day and the stuff will get shipped out.

We're trying to make sure we get stuff to you guys as soon as we can in the month so that you guys can enjoy stuff. Like I said, I can't wait for everyone to see the hand-crafted pieces for this for the rest of the year because they're so cool. We have a bunch of really awesome natural stone stuff. I don't want to give too much away, but there's a bunch of really cool stuff coming. Yes, so thank you so much.

Ordered last Friday? Yes, I think we've been shipping out the first packages for the first few months within 24 hours and then two to seven business days for delivery, so you should be totally getting that by your birthday. We do sell industrial bars as well, Theresa, same thing with what I said about the earrings. If you go to the ear tab on bodycandy.com and drop it down, there's a whole section for industrials.

We sell all body jewelry, like head to toe plugs, weights, all of the cartilage stuff that you can think of. Septums, belly buttons, below the belt, oral, we have everything, so anything you guys can think of. If, for some crazy reason there is something that you wish we had that we don't that you totally can't find, message me because a lot of people think that we don't have stuff and we totally do, I find it for them.

Or, if there is something unique that we happen to miss out on, we love to add those things to our site. We get new products every week. We have a lot of freedom and a lot of room to give you guys what you're looking for. So always make sure you give me comments, questions, suggestions in the comments on here because we do go back and look at them, and like I said, either [paste 00:38:42] different information for other live videos, YouTube videos, all sorts of stuff. We love using your information and feedback to do that kind of stuff.

Dangling owl belly rings. I don't know if any of them are dangling but I know we have owls and you can totally search owl belly in the search bar on our website to see any of that. Thanks so much for joining me today guys, I had so much fun as usual. Next week is going to be so fun. Come back at 1 o'clock eastern standard time and see where the heck I ended up because I'm about to go put an air mattress in the back of my car and go away for a little bit. I will see you guys next week, this is super fun as always. I love you guys so much. Have a great weekend, babes.

by Crystal S

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