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Thanksgiving dessert

The holiday season is officially here, but there can still be some down time in your future.  Putting aside all the stress and avarice is definitely a challenge, especially now that we’re in the home stretch, but what really makes the holidays special is the time spent just hanging out with all of our friends and loved ones.  So before it comes time to slip into that post-turkey food coma, let’s just take a minute to go to our happy place.

giving the holidays meaning

Think of all the stories shared over hot cocoa, those moments alone with your sweetie when you cuddle and veg out, the meals shared together with the ones you call family, and all of that wintery beauty set off perfectly by sparkling holiday lights.  Remember that drag-out snow ball fight, those exhausting and thrilling sled races, and the time that you almost landed the most amazing trick on ice skates.   Now, take a deep breath, and hold onto that feeling.  Winter, here we come.

happy holidays from BodyCandy

Happy Thanksgiving, from BodyCandy.

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