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One of the greatest innovations of the modern modified age is and has always been internally threaded body jewelry.

That's why we're going to rehash a few popular blog posts on the subject to see if anything's changed!

Way back in the land of 2011 Lorna explored what internally and externally threaded means and what the differences are between the two types of jewelry.

Lorna first described externally threaded jewelry as jewelry with its threads on the outside.  The barbell ends look like a screw and the balls have a hole in them but no stem.  To put this type of jewelry in just grip the ball, line up the hole with the barbell’s threading, & screw it on. Done!

Internally threaded barbells are exactly the opposite. The barbell has an opening in the end & the ball or removable tip has a screw stem.  These items are secured by screwing the ball into the holes of the barbell. In Lorna's blog post and another from a few years later by Tara, the benefits of internally threaded jewelry are described.

Since many piercings are in hard to reach places or are vertically positioned externally threaded jewelry can be difficult to change and maneuver. Often internally threaded jewelry is less so. Another benefit of internally threaded jewelry is that as it passes through the body, it is smooth and minimizes trauma to the flesh. This is especially helpful in new piercings.

Internally threaded selections are available in tons of styles of jewelry, including eyebrow, labret, monroe, helix, tragus, barbell jewelry, plugs and more. The next time you are looking for new body jewelry make sure to check out internally threaded jewelry styles and see if there is something awesome and new out there for you!

  • Love internally threaded jewelry? Tell us about your favorite piercing to use it in--in the comments section!
  • What is your favorite style of internally threaded jewelry? Want to tell us? Comment comment comment!
  • Got an internally threaded piece from Body Candy that you love? Post a pic and let the world love it and you too!!


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