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It’s that time of year again; the time for falling leaves, colorful costumes, and skulls, skulls, skulls.  The use of skeletal remains in celebrations surrounding the dead and the cycles of death and rebirth involved in harvest dates back thousands of years in man’s history.  The Aztecs even used real skulls recovered in battle during ceremonies in the Fall that honored their ancestors and their goddess of the dead.  So it comes as no surprise then that man kind’s primitive beliefs have continued throughout history to place the skull and skeleton bones squarely at the forefront of Halloween time fashion.  Let’s take a look.

The coming season is seeing more than it’s fair share of bones, as several designers are finding new and interesting ways to explore this motif.  Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, and Rynshu are just a few of the dozens to show pieces featuring skeletal remains on the runway this year.

Skeleton jewelry has become more popular too in it’s own right, with baubles, bracelets, and brooches ranging from simple single skulls, to ornate  jewel-encrusted bundles of bones.

Some of the favorites amongst this treasure trove of accessories seem to be the royal theme, which features crowns, laurel, shields, decorative keys, and insignia…

…and the tribal inspired necklace.  These have been known to incorporate anything from African and Mayan influences, to Native American type motifs like feathers and natural stone.

And who can forget the more classic skeletal stand by; the gothic skull.  With gothic crosses, swords, spiders, wings, and ebony gems, this darkly beautiful style has been popularized even further in recent years through romantic gothic cinema and the evolution of the skeleton in tattoo culture.

Whatever fashion mode has come to strike your fancy, it’s clear that the 2011 Fall season certainly has a bone to pick.  Happy hunting.

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