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Waiting until the last minute to put together a Halloween costume is something I’m infamous for. Thankfully I always find some sort of inspiration on the internet and end up putting together a DIY masterpiece by the time Halloween arrives. There’s many ways to draw inspiration for Halloween. Pop culture all over, taking a peak into history, thinking back to your childhood… there’s a ton of possibilities!

If planning isn’t really your thing, and you’d rather have the ideas handed to you, we’re here to help. (Click the image to shop!)

If you’re crafty, making a skeleton dress from a plain black bodycon dress is super easy! Just grab some fabric markers or paints and map out the torso. Simple dresses like this can be found in most costume stores easily.

An excuse to win metallic leggings or a metallic skirt? Yes please! Find a flesh colored tank top and stick some seashells on there… you’re all set!

The easiest costume ever. Who doesn’t own black leggings and a black shirt? All you’ll have to buy are the cat ears and maybe a tail.

Look out for more Halloween costume ideas inspired by our body jewelry collections. If you don’t already, follow us on Instagram @bodycandy to see how other #bodycandy fans are getting ready for Halloween and to share your fun body jewelry pics!

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