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Well Accessorized Alice Costume

Sugar Skull Girl

Obviously for this costume, your colorful and elegant makeup will be the center of attention, but to keep the look cohesive (and maybe add a little extra charm), matching earrings are a dress-up essential.

blooming lotus earrings

Corpse Bride

It goes without saying that you’re meant to look dead and beautiful at the same time here, which can be a little bit difficult in terms of striking a balance.  One way to hit a homerun?  Black roses.  Deadly, elegant, and absolutely perfect.

beautiful black rose body jewelry


This is one of the easier costumes to accessorize, because anything that’s delicate, antique looking, and/or blood red pretty much fits the bill.  So our preferred pick is a little bit of all three.

 vampire kiss blood dripping illusion necklace

Black Swan

We all have the urge every once in a while to get a little bit dark and evil, and Halloween gives us the perfect excuse.  The costume itself is probably fairly simple, but that leaves the perfect amount of room to indulge your inner sinister princess with a few extra crowns.

darkly pretty princess crowns


Lady Gaga

When it’s time to go Gaga, there’s a plethora of fun and funky choices at your fingertips for accessories (including Coca Cola cans and giant sparkling stars), but one of the easiest ways to say Gaga without being too uncomfortable or extreme?  Spikes.  Now you just have to remember to thaw your meat dress, and you’re all set.

fun and funky spiked stretch bracelets


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