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Retro 90s?!  Yes, it’s actually been long enough for 90s casual wear to be considered retro.  The new style is undeniably urban, in a very simple, youthful, and denim-centric 90s kind of way.  Think chains, multi finger rings, giant hoop earrings, and structured graffiti.

Combine that with fitted bustiers and crop shirts, add some mesh, shoulder cut-outs, and an, um (ahem) “interesting” hairdo, and you’ve just about got it.  Drawing on the electric coloring of dance hall outfits, the relaxed fit of b-ball ensembles, and the wild prints of youth streetwear, the 90s are back in a whole new way.  For the part of piercings, a resurgence of all things hooped is common to the aesthetic.  Lip rings, nose hoops, septum piercings worn with captive and circular jewelry, and multiple rings laced through the ear cartilage are paired down to stainless steel and solid neon brights.

Alongside some of the more noted celebrities (like Jessie J and Nicki Minaj), music and fashion up and comers Maluca, Butch Diva, and Coco and Breezy are among those to rock a feminine, rebellious, and pointedly culture driven version of this style. For anyone who remembers watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or jamming out to some circa 1994 TLC, you’ll get exactly what we’re driving at.

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