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If you like your fashion, film, & music darkly dramatic

you might know what I’m talking about.

Embrace your gothic vibes! Dress up your dorm or bedroom

with this easy to recreate dramatic vase–I’m dying.

(This looks AMAZING with fake roses in a dark room

with flickering faux LED tea lights)


Looking for a little more spooky style? I’m in love with these

super cheap bat cutouts that add scary shadows in a low-lit room.

(Yes, I have bats and birds just like these up on my walls all year ’round)


Last one, so much fun! You’ll need a simple set of sheer black curtains

and your favorite color of Christmas lights. That’s right!

We’re making Christmas

too because this stuff is NEVER coming down.

Fifth one down, plus so many other crazy LED ideas!

Do you have a dark deco tip that is cheap and easy for small and dormy spaces? Let us know in the comment section! We love pics of our Body Candy babes and all of your creative style so show us your stuff!


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