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Whether you’re already pierced or not, you may be wanting a piercing in a specific spot for your Halloween costume.  That’s where fake piercings come in.  Faux Piercing Jewelry has gotten a lot better and more realistic since the days of stick-ons and spring clips, and with a set of illusion rings or cheater plugs, it’s never been easier to get the look you’re aiming for painlessly and temporarily.  Just take a look.

These are standard illusion rings:

They come in two styles, one with a moveable ball to look like a ball captive ring, and one without that fakes the style of a continuous hoop or “segment ring.”  The end with the flat bar goes on the inside area of your faux piercing (like inside your bottom lip, nostril, or ear cartilage), so that it’s hidden and doesn’t give anything away.  The free end is what’s seen from the outside, and often appears so realistic that even up close nobody can tell.

To fake a row of multiple piercings in the same spot, like a line of helix piercings at the upper ear cartilage or a set of spider bites on the lower lip, a double or triple illusion ring of either style works like a charm.

Depending on where you’re planning to wear illusion jewelry, the hoop may need to be pried open gently to fit.  Common places that faux piercing jewelry works well include the belly button, lips, nostrils, septum, ear lobes, and various places on the ear cartilage.

To simulate the look of a stretched lobe piercing, cheater plugs are a great fix.  A cheater plug has wide removable ends that mimic the look of a 0 gauge plug, but with a small, 16 gauge center that fits through most regular piercings.

These handy little items come in almost as many styles as real plugs and tapers do, and when used correctly they fake the look of a gauged piercing so well that people may ask you where you got those awesome plugs.

Cheaters are most often worn in the ears, but standard straight faux plug styles can be worn in other piercings as well, like labrets, monroes, and some cartilage piercings.

So if you’re in need of quick and painless fix to make a Halloween costume accurate or more appealing, faux piercing jewelry is definitely the way to go.  And when people compliment your awesome piercing, just smile and say, “thank you.”

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