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ladies piercing jewelry

We talk about body jewelry types, styles, and sizing all the time, but there’s one group of beautiful barbells that are almost always left out of body modification discussions: intimates.  So since gals with VCH piercings need love too, get ready, because we’re about to take the jewelry jabber all the way downtown.

For anybody who hasn’t seen ladies intimate piercing jewelry, here’s a little peak at exactly what this stuff looks like.

 ladies piercing barbells

Because of the standard hood barbell’s unique shape, it’s easy to spot amongst most jewelry collections, and due to the intimate nature of its placement, it’s usually composed of surgical steel or titanium.  To assist with putting the jewelry on and taking it off, these items are almost always internally threaded, meaning that the threads are on the removable tip, rather than the barbell portion.  The classic closure piece is a small flat disc, while the fixed end of the barbell may contain a gem or decoration.

 how VCH bars work

Alternatively, this type of jewelry can be made out of bioplast, which is a non-metallic, biocompatible material that’s flexible and hypoallergenic.  These modern, more pliable intimate bars will sometimes have decorations on both ends, or include a dangling charm of some sort.

 flexible womens piercing bars

For optimum sizing, you’ll want to know two basic measurements: the length, and the rise (for bioplast items, rise won’t be an issue).  Length is measured from the base of the ball or decoration to the beginning of the curve, while rise is the distance of the shorter extension between the curve and the base of the disc.  When choosing a particular style of item, the millimeter measurement of the ball may also be of interest.  After that it all comes down to a matter of taste.

 measuring for fit

So now that we’ve demystified the enigmatic ladies intimate piercing, buying naughty holiday gifts has taken on a whole new appeal, right?


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