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This Fall, fashion is full of passion for all things serpentine, as the snake makes a huge accessory come-back.  Still making an appearance in smaller doses across the clothing market, the big draw for the slithering and scaly set is definitely in the world of outfit add-ons, and boy is the snake scene about to explode.

It’s easy to see why the serpent makes the perfect fashion statement.  Worshiped by the ancient Egyptians and on the Indian sub-continent, it has often been used as a symbol of knowledge or divine wisdom.  Snakes are tied to the earth in ancient legends and represent the abundance of the Nile, the fertility of Mother Earth, and power over the worldly elements.  Sometimes seen as signifying evil or malicious intentions (as in Genesis, the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and the famous suicide story of Cleopatra and the asp), the general symbolism behind large snakes is one of mystery, magic, and otherworldly knowledge.  Perhaps the reflection of culture in fashion has finally caught up with itself in terms of animalia, as the snake has been drawn, worn and worshiped by indigenous tribes on every continent across the globe aside from Antarctica, being the one place that the animal itself doesn’t live.

Snake insignia also holds a common thread with today’s culture, having been used for centuries in medical symbolism including the unmistakable “star of life,” the blue six point asterisk with a snake entwined rod at its center that is currently used in the U.S. to identify paramedics.

Among the more popular ways to wear snake accessories this season is the jewel encrusted serpent, seen dangling from fashion forward jewelry like belly rings.

Also both real and faux snake skin has seen a resurgence, from natural hues and gentle pastels to more vibrant coloring.  Even scaling in metallic jewelry has emerged, for a tasteful new spin that forces texture to evolve.

And wrapped or coiled poses are common fashionable fare, with finger rings and piercing studs in particular seeing bold and interesting new shapes.

The 2011 year may be the Chinese year of the rabbit, but in the fashion and jewelry zodiac, it’s definitely the snake’s moment.

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