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For almost 60 years, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) has both supported the music community and awarded artists for their achievements. Those who love music and award shows eagerly await the month of February to see if their idol(s) receive official accolades from the Academy. The Grammy Awards site is a plethora of helpful information, from what the Academy does (its charitable affiliates and function of the Grammy Foundation) to a list of every Grammy winner since the awards debuted in the late 1950s.

Why on earth is the award called Grammy, anyway? Well, it was originally called “Gramophone Award” as a nod to inventor Emile Berliner, who created the gramophone (it was discussed calling it the “Eddie” to honor Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph, but that didn’t stick).

While the number of categories may seem daunting (such as production and performance in specific genres, artwork, video, and so on), the most hotly contested are the “General Field,” or the four awards not restricted by genre: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. The Academy has been criticized over the years for their lack of recognition of newer and emerging styles of music, and focusing instead on the presentation of awards during the annual ceremony. And indeed, this television event is a star-studded affair, and another great reason to get together in the dead of winter and party with friends (not like the Super Bowl was in the recent past or anything).

And what else do we love to experience with the Grammy Awards – or any awards show? Why, the fashion, of course! If trends for this year’s show carry over at all from last year, one of the most eye-catching is the domination of cocktail rings. Celebs such as Beyonce (who sported over $10 million in diamonds last year), Madonna, and Rita Ora wore an abundance of bling that made the statement that “More is absolutely better.”

Miranda Lambert showed off a different type of “more” in 2014 when she arrived sporting fancy-schmancy earrings comprised of black opals, rubies, hand-carved sapphires, and diamonds. Emulating that look might create a headache or two, and the synthetic gems are pretty cool in their own right.

And one of the most interesting looks last year? The gentlemen wearing a traditionally feminine piece: lapel brooches. Hey, if Bruno Mars and Usher have no problem pulling that off, then anything this year has to offer probably won’t raise too many eyebrows. Because at least that look embodies timelessness and a little less flash. So regardless of where you fall on the jewelry scale – all out glam or demure like grandma – the 2015 awards season should have something to please every fashion palate.


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