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As the hot weather approaches and we put away those winter clothes for good, we can’t help but think… “What’s the hot summer look?” It’s natural for us girls to always want to be in style, have the latest fashion accessory, and stand out from the crowd. Well this summer, it’s all about adorning your lowest extremities- your feet.

When summer comes, everyone looks forward to showing off their newly painted toes and their hot new sandals, but what’s missing? A toe ring! Toe rings were introduced to the United States around 1973. They come in many shapes, colors and designs but they all give you that fabulous summer look. It’s also easy to coordinate them with matching toenail polish, ankle bracelets and cute sandals. Toe rings are that simple but classy accessory that works for all ages.

One type of toe ring is the invisible band. These offer a clean comfortable fit by using a clear plastic slip-on design, and they create the illusion that there is no band holding that beautiful gem or charm on your toe. These are sexy, chic and fun to say the least!

Another style is solid gold toe ring. These are the best type of jewelry you can choose for your feet because you don’t have to worry about them tarnishing or breaking, and 14kt or 10kt gold body jewelry really gives you that stand-out look.

You can also find unique toe rings that are beautifully hand crafted, and sterling silver toe rings that shine to perfection. Many of these are made with genuine diamonds, cubic zirconia gems, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The possibilities are endless.

Ever wonder which toe is best to wear the ring on? Well, you can generally wear a toe ring on either foot, on any toe, and you can wear more than one! Depending on the size and shape of the toe ring, you should choose which toe you prefer based on comfort, but there really are no rules with these. For many people, the most common is usually the second toe, which is probably the most comfortable. The awesome thing about toe rings is that there are so many to choose from and they are usually inexpensive, so it’s easy to build up a large collection. Change them to match any outfit or sandal!

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