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Ankle bracelets are a stylish foot accessory that’s perfect for Summer. Anklets have been worn in Eastern cultures for hundreds of years. In the U.S. they have been in and out of fashion over the last forty years, but they seem to be making another comeback! It’s so easy to add flair to any outfit by simply embellishing your ankle with this type of jewelry. There are countless styles of ankle bracelets and many materials are used, so choose one that fits you best and that, of course, matches your outfit! Ankle bracelets are generally worn loosely around the ankle and can be worn on either foot. Wearing multiple bracelets is a cool option, or just stick with one that makes a statement on its own.

Ankle bracelets can be worn with a summer dress, skirt, shorts or anything that shows off your nicely tanned legs! They should somewhat match your other jewelry though (if you’re wearing silver, stick with silver) but whether you’re dressing casual or formal, anklets work with any type of outfit. They are also great beach option; ankle bracelets + bare feet = sexy! If you’re wearing fashion shoes, go for a simple one so it doesn’t get lost. You can also brighten up any outfit with a colorful, bold ankle bracelet. These eye-catching bracelets make your leg look exquisitely feminine.

Summer 2012 will be a season of fashion freedom. Being daring, different and ‘out-there’ is what’s really in this year. Here’s a little guide to point you in the right direction. Neon colors are huge this Summer. Bright yellows, hot pinks, dazzling blues, vivid greens, and bold twists of tangerines are where it’s at! But what color in particular takes the cake? Orange! The beautiful hues of fiery, burnt oranges are ‘hot’ this summer… no pun intended. These colors are especially popular in handbags and shoes but will definitely be seen in clothes and jewelry as well. If you throw in a twist of any of these colors with some neutrals or camel tones, you can’t go wrong. Another color scheme to watch out for is pastels, especially mint green. fashion forecasting experts are saying this soothing green color will be everywhere this Summer.

So choose shockingly bright colors this Summer, and don’t be afraid to make your own trends and stylish statements with your feet. Match your toe rings and your anklets to your freshly pedicured toes for the complete look, and enjoy the sun, the fashion, the freedom to wear open toed shoes and saturate yourself in color for 2012!

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