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opulent old world fashion

From Russia with Love

The fashion world is awash in all things traditionally Siberian, which heralds the return of the dark, bohemian floral.  Quilting, brocades, feathers, fur, and hand embroidery are perfectly accented by carved black horn, intricate prints, and splashes of deep purple, fire red, and royal blue.

 stylish floral plugs and tapers

Headdressed for Success

A quickly rebounding bohemian staple, the headdress comes to life in every incarnation.  This is where collections of old school pearls find a renewed vitality, pulling a perfect double duty while they masquerade as hair ornaments.

 versatile pearl necklace strands

Textural Cacophony

Satin, lace, chiffon, and rows of braiding; there’s nothing so satisfying in the grip of Autumn’s chill as the perfectly constructed style balance of get-noticed textures.  From glass and ceramic beads, to natural stone and faceted crystal, Shamballa style bracelets fit beautifully into the melee.

 beautiful Shamballa style bracelets

Beaded, Bejeweled, and Bedazzled

Beading and gemstones and pave; oh my!  The intricacy of a multi-jeweled detailing gives a huge dose of old world opulence and tells the world you’re a modern princess.  And for every confident party queen, a gem-dripping chandelier belly ring gives a sweet excuse to show off your second most awesome accessory at the same time: a sexy tummy.

opulent chandelier belly rings(fashion photography sourced via WGSN)

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