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Steel Town Boom

Nothing says punk like standard, unembellished, run of the mill stainless steel.  Just like the original piercing punks of the 1970s, this well-worn and ultra-simplistic style is antiestablishmentarian in and of itself.  Solid surgical steel says, “I’m rejecting pretty, modern, colorful, and kitsch in favor of something non-decorative that lets the piercings themselves become the ultimate focal point.”  Rock, on retro punks.  Rock on.

 surgical steel body jewelry

Studs and Spikes and Everything Nice

If you’re looking for a little touch of extra edge, just add spikes.  Whether shiny or matte, colorless or hot hued, short and sharp or long and strong, the spike is the ultimate ambassador of punk.  Combined with the studs and sequins of the world, there’s just no stopping an outfit that lets texture rule.  Spiky hair, spiky jacket, spiky jewelry; spiky for life.

 edgy spiked stretch bracelets

Tartan Super-fan

Plaid is like the superhero of the pattern world.  From work wear, to formal wear, to wild untamed fashion abandon, there’s never been another design that so transcends any attempt at fixing genre.  Through the square and straight-laced fifties, the outrageous anarchical seventies, the grungy and laid back nineties, and into the modern melange of motifs, tartan truly is unimaginably timeless.

 fun alternative style plaid jewelry

Chain Gang

To step outside the style box and get just a little bit dangerous, a surefire method to attain fashion freedom is (ironically) to pile on the chains.  Keep it simple by varying size and length, or get a little flashy with multiple hues swathed in layers.  Whichever way you slice it, it’s bound to be rock and roll.

 chain dangle ear jewelry

Leather and Lace

We all recognize the appeal of some well-structured leather, but what about punks who are also princesses?  Mixing in a touch of feminine appeal is a modern way to balance out a style that’s both girly and grim.  Slip on some megawatt lipstick, and watch the world crumble.

 punk princess lace filigree belly rings

Bandana Bunch

The bandana is definitely an alternative style staple, so why not take a little with you even when your fave fashion hankie’s in the wash?  Paisley has the power to transform any look, even when you can’t rock that fun retro tie-back.

sweet bandana print body jewelry

 fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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