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So your friends invited you out for Halloween weekend at the very last minute and you have nothing to wear?  No problem.  Just use your body jewelry and accessories wisely and you can have a festive Halloween look with minimal effort.

1. Cute Kitty

The kitty cat costume is a classic standby.  To make it unique and ad some interest, go for animal print plugs and BCRs, and throw on a necklace that looks like a kitty collar or has a little fishy or mousey dangling from it.  Add a dollar store cat ear headband and some eyeliner whiskers, and you’ll be the cutest kitty ever.

2. Mad Scientist

All you’ll need is a white coat or thrift store scrubs and a teasing comb.  To make the look, grab some glow in the dark accessories for crazy good fun, or if you really wanna wow, get your hands on some flashing light up plugs to make it look like you’ve been playing Dr. Frankenstein.

3. Haute Hippie

If you have a flowy skirt or a pair of bell bottoms, you’re half way there.  Just pair your flower child duds with a mountain of peace signs, and you’re ready to fly.

4. Walking Dead

A little fake blood and some white face makeup make it super easy to become the undead.  To drive the point home, play on your sense of humor with some kitschy accessories perfect for a zany zombie.

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