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2015 marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day—a day when activists, students, teachers, and leaders come together to educate and promote methods of environmental protection. Around the world thousands of volunteers, activists, academics, and ordinary people will come together to work on ways to protect our environment and natural resources. The common goal of environmental protection also inspires global peace initiatives; between countries and between people.

The popularity of these noble missions explains the lasting power of Earth Day.

In the spirit environmental activism and global peace initiatives lets take a look at the symbols of these ideas. These symbols are now ingrained into the collective cultural imagination around the world. These are more than symbols; they represent a state of mind. Decorating yourself in these symbols displays that your love of the Earth is more than an ideology; it is part of your identity.

Beautiful Biosphere: Green land, blue water, white clouds; this look never goes out of style. From outer space our planet is the most unique in the galaxy because of how air, matter and water are able to form, co-exist, and support life. We first learn about our place in the world by looking at maps, globes, studying the contour of the planet. Nothing is more beautiful than our blue biosphere.



Recycle, Reuse: The international symbol for recyclable materials was designed by an art student in Chicago in honor of the first Earth Day in 1970. With an international appeal, easy and direct design, this symbol can be found on almost every kind of recycled, and recyclable, product. Make your lifestyle fit your style; separate your plastics, papers, and metals.


Pretty Peaceful: Flex your fingers and flash a peace sign to anyone walking by. What good is protecting the environment if there is no one here to enjoy it? Earth Day is about more than the environment; it is also about how we treat each other. As children we are taught the lesson of sharing with others, taking turns, learning manners in order to get along. The international symbol for peace reflects these basic ideals. Promote peace, protect the planet.

All of us share this one planet; it is up to us to protect it and protect each other.

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