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No matter what your style is you can find adorable ear candy to express yourself. From fun and playful, to natural tribal nomad, to classic glamour, and even work ready accessories, there’s a trend that is ready and willing to be your new signature style. Indulge in these brand new styles and find out what you need to buy this summer.

Statement Chandelier and Drop Earrings

Chandelier and drop earrings are perfect for a feminine and romantic feeling, They look fabulous with updos for a prom, wedding, red carpet, or any  black tie or special occasion. Supersized chandelier earrings in gold or silver with precious or semi precious stones (and diamonds) are statement earrings. Victorian, floral, or geometric are common themes. Anything with a vintage feel is also a great classic staple in any girl’s wardrobe. Be ready for a raging party, classy special event, or even a fun girls’ night on the town.

statement chandelier dangle pierced earrings

For those of you with stretched lobes, there are now plugs that come with glamorous dangles already on them. It’s awesome that jewelry is being made to accommodate those of us who want to have the appeal of stretched ears as well as the glamour of pretty dangly earrings.

Au Natural Ear Wear

Wooden and stone earrings are popular for many reasons. The tribal look, bohemian, and with dread locks, etc. is everywhere right now. Natural bone, stone, and wood plugs and hangers look fantastic with this style. If you don’t have your ears stretched, wooden or bone stirrup earrings will give you a similar look. Stirrup hanger earrings are awesome; they are slightly larger than a regular earring, so some very minimal stretching is required. You line up the earring either side of your lobe and then insert the small stick-like piece through the hole so it is held into the ear.

natural wood and horn stirrup hanger earrings

Earrings featuring bone or stones like turquoise, jade, onyx, and amethyst are very popular right now as well. They look great with coordinated body jewelry and accessories. The southwest/native/tribal look is not going anywhere anytime soon. Going organic is more than just a dietary choice, natural stone and wood jewelry is also healthy for your piercings.

Neon and Mirrored Lucite Earrings

This eye catching trend is certainly 1980s and 1990s inspired, but with obvious modern updates. The introduction of vivid candy-looking plastics and fluorescent materials along with mirrored Lucite is a fantastic modern approach in keeping with the current fashion scene. Bright jewelry looks amazing with clean, modern fashion. Neon yellow, green, and pink are among the more well used neon colors this year.  Geometric designs look amazing in these materials. Chevrons, circles, diamond shapes, and triangles are among the more popular designs currently.

geometric neon and mirrored lucite earrings

Nice Spikes and Snakes

Two more themes that are everywhere this season are anything with spikes and anything with snakes. Spike jewelry and anything with snakes are two things that are normally considered more hardcore or bad ass, but now these trends are everywhere. They do not have the same meaning. Snakes commonly represent sin and temptation but now represent couture and high fashion. Serpentine accessories have been seen in most high end collections. Long, linear snake earrings can even be delicate and girly accessories.

Until recently spiked jewelry has been reserved for the punk and grunge community, but now it’s a little softer and more feminine. Women and men of all ages look great and feel more comfortable in spiked ear jewelry than ever before. Spiked hoops, studs, or spike covered saddle plugs can be paired with a sweet floral dress and pastel colored hair and makeup for an interesting new look.

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