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Are you just starting out with body piercings and building up your collection? Maybe you’re just tired of the old jewelry box grandma gave you (but don’t tell her we said that.) Whatever the case may be, you need a good way to store jewelry. Good jewelry storage can prevent pieces from breaking, metals from tarnishing, and piercings from becoming infected. Come on, you know leaving those nose rings on the bathroom counter isn’t sanitary!

You won’t need to break the bank with an expensive jewelry box, though. You might not even need to spend much at all.

Store your belly rings on an awesome DIY board.

So simple! It only requires a piece of scrap wood (check your local hardware store if you’re not the home improvement buff and don’t have any lying around), some sandpaper, paint and some eye hooks. Eye hooks come in different sizes, and can be found for just a few bucks at Lowes and Home Depot.

1.) Sand down your wood a bit to make sure the surface is smooth.
2.) Then paint away! Just a solid color works if you’re not the artsy type. The best paint to use would be latex (the kind you use for large scale projects like walls), but spray paint, enamel paint and acrylic paint will work, too.
2.5) Let it dry overnight, just to be safe.
3.) Lastly screw in the hooks. You can lay them out however you’d like. I’m thinking a spiral shaped pattern or a heart would be fun!

You could store other types of body jewelry the same way. Any barbell jewelry will work. Captive rings, BCR’s and horseshoes will also work, just make sure the pieces won’t slip through the eye hooks.

Be prepared. Your friends are going to be jealous of your cool new jewelry storage. DIY projects like this make great gifts, though.

There’s so many fun ways to store your jewelry. Check out Pinterest for tons more!

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