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microdermal body piercings

Dermal- a term referring primarily to the microdermal style of single point piercing, or the jewelry which is worn in such a piercing, consisting of a static base beneath the skin and an interchangeable top portion visible at the surface.

Microdermal Piercings:

 the basic elements of dermals

Due to the nature of single point piercings (meaning that a single whole acts as both the entry and exit of the piercing) a dermal can be placed almost anywhere on the face or body.  Some of the more popular locations include the cheeks, wrists, nape of the neck, throat, hips, ears, and just above the nose bridge.

 dermals in various areas


Like other types of piercings, most piercers will recommend gentle cleanings with sea salt solution via soaks or cotton compresses depending on the piercing’s location.  As the base or “anchor” of the jewelry is located underneath the skin, extra care must be taken during healing to avoid snagging the protruding top portion of the item which could potentially pull the entire piece free.  Due to the nature of microdermals and their method of implantation, initial healing can take longer than it would with standard piercings, usually occurring somewhere around the 12 week mark.

Dermal Jewelry Styles:

Microdermal bases come in a variety of similar shapes, sometimes having one, two, or even three holes which the skin will eventually heal around, fixing them in place.  The interchangeable dermal top can come in a wide assortment of styles as well, including shapes like stars, domes, gems, spikes, and even dangling elements.

 single point piercing jewelry

One-piece jewelry for dermal style piercings has even been developed.  Called “skin divers,” these items are simple barbell shaped pieces in which one end will remain beneath the skin and the other will rest above the surface.

single piece dermal jewelry

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