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Batman v Superman poster
If you’re not sure what the deal is, or you don’t follow comics, the simplest plot summary goes as follows: It follows Man of Steel (the Superman movie). Batman (from Gotham) travels to Metropolis (where Superman lives) to superhero battle it out with Superman. There’s some outside threat that complicates things, too.

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Batman, AKA Bruce Wayne, might not be the most relatable of superheroes. A billionaire socialite who inherited a financial empire from his father. Talk about #superhero privilege! He is a crowd favorite in the DC comics family, still. His opponent is a superhero/journalist who survived the era of the Kryptonian race. If my name was Clark Kent, I’d probably change it to something like Kal-El or Superman after that too!

Officially Licensed Superman Body Jewelry

If that’s not enough to get you pumped, the cast has quite a few big hitters.

Ben Affleck as “Batman” – Poor Ben has some pretty big shoes to fill…
Amy Adams as “Lois Lane” – Superman’s bae.
Jesse Eisenbureg as “Lex Luthor” – Really intelligent jerk.
Diane Lane as “Martha Kent” – Superman’s mom
Jeremy Irons as “Alfred Pennyworth” – Batman’s BFF



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