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fashionista holding fake rifle

Apply your war paint and get ready to kill them with couture cuteness. This jewelry trend is our secret weapon on how to be fabulous. Jewelry and accessories featuring weapons and things normally found in war are currently all the rage. Our modern social climate and media are so saturated with images of violence and destruction, that it only makes sense to sensationalize and glamorize these iconic weapons. Guns, grenades, arrows, brass knuckles, razorblades, pirate daggers, and other weapons are the most used icons. While the concept might seem a little dark, these bold accessories will certainly make you stand out.

Some designers are actually re-purposing weapons into wearables; real bullet shells and other gun and bomb parts are being used for high fashion accessories. Bullet covered ballet shoes, gun holster wallets, gun belly rings, brass knuckle finger rings and necklaces, purses and clutches that look like assault rifles and machine guns, gun barrel healed shoes, necklaces and earrings made with ammo shells, bullet belts, weapon body jewelry, and much more.

Sometimes these typically violent items get a girly and pretty makeover that will still make you feel like a badass. Adding rhinestones and glitz or painting something a bright or pastel color are ways to make these normally forceful items a little less intimidating. The addition of bows, hearts, and cutie pie animals is a fantastic juxtaposition to the deadly weapons.

Take part in this trend and nobody will mess with you. Here is a sampling of some of the styles and their icons:

MODERN WARFARE – machine guns, fighter jets, grenades, military insignias, dog tags

 girly grenade jewelry

WESTERN OUTLAW- old fashion pistols, badges, cowgirl chic

GANGSTER- brass knuckles, tommy guns, stiletto knives

 cute brass knuckle body jewelry

CUTE AND KILLER- guns with bows and cute things , rhinestone encrusted weaponry

COPS- badges, handcuffs, and guns

fun and flirty handcuff jewelry

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