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If you’re anything like me and have the idea in your head from time to time of just that perfect piece of jewelry that you would absolutely love to pull together a style or really make a statement, then you know how disheartening it can feel to realize that no one makes that.  Or do they?!  The answer is in fact yes, there are quite a few different options and styles that allow you to customize an item (or fully design a piece of jewelry in some cases) to fit just what you’re looking for.

Throughout the various jewelry that you can find online you’ll see fully customized items.  They range from a constant and set design for the crystal and setting that will allow you to add a touch of lettering like a name, to necklaces that are hand crafted with beadwork to create a phrase, or plugs and full jewelry items that are made around an image that you send in!

Starting say, with the items that you can get customized lettering on; like belly rings, earrings, necklaces, and even silicon bracelets. Custom engraving can be done using the engravers skills to make hundreds of items completely unique and custom to you.  Whether it be putting the name of a loved one, an anniversary date, or your favorite hobby on something so that you can wear and represent with pride, it can be done (with a bit of size restriction of course).

Now let’s say you’re looking for a little something more expressive and rich-looking.  You want everyone in the world to know just how adorable your puppy is whether they like dogs or not!  A picture of the ball of fluff can be etched or printed onto a range of things, from a pair of plugs for whatever size you happen to be at, to an actual metal dog tag with the full color image placed right onto the metal.  With the only real restriction beyond size being copyrighting and the like, the options to make the perfect earrings for an outfit or plugs for an event are almost limitless.

Even if all you want is to be blunt and make a statement, say with an acrylic necklace hanging boldly around your neck, it can be made specifically to whatever specifications you like, with a range of color and style options for you to chose from to really drive the point home.

Really no matter how you’re trying to make your look totally unique, the ability to make custom jewelry really sets any style apart.  With a few days and a little creativity, you can be rocking a full ensemble of image and name-bearing jewelry that you helped to come up with and design yourself!

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