Custom Body Jewelry: Belly Rings to Personalize for the Perfect Holiday Gift

Custom Body Jewelry: Belly Rings to Personalize for the Perfect Holiday Gift

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Is there any better way to be the trendsetter of your crowd than showing off a pretty pierced accessory made exclusively for you?

That’s right, we’re talking premium quality body piercing jewelry handcrafted and personalized for your unique self. You could be the very first in your group to have a belly button ring all your own that says exactly what you want to express. Wondering where to get such a thing? We’ve got just the place: right here at Body Jewelry.

Want to know more about our extensive collection of customizable navel jewelry? Here’s the scoop:

The curved barbell is made from durable 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel to ensure that both you and your piercing have some of the highest quality materials to protect your precious bits. Our attention to detail doesn’t end there: made in-house at our headquarters in the USA, these artisan crafted belly rings are created with Swarovski Crystals. At both ends you’ll find genuine Swarovski CZ crystals sparkling from each faceted-cut that Swarovski Crystals is infamous for. And don’t even get us started on the available dangles to choose from to adorn your new belly button jewelry! Some of our designs even have the option to select what color accents you would like to feature on your jewelry. Best part? Even with all of the freakishly adorable dangles and gems, you’ll never feel dragged down by our navel rings! You can count on BodyCandy to supply you with lightweight and comfortable belly piercing jewelry that will leave you feeling genuinely beautiful both inward and outward.

We get it, why spend money on another belly ring when you already have a bunch, right? WRONG. This one is different.

This is the belly ring you’ve always wanted but could never find, because YOU are the designer. Want your name emblazoned on your midriff? Check. Want the initials of a lover on display? Check. Want to tell the world your favorite word with a lift of the shirt? Check! All while maintaining the confidence that you are representing who you are and feeling beautiful while doing so. And, come on, let’s be real: you deserve to treat yourself this holiday season!


What materials are used?
316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Genuine Swarovski CZ Crystals, and an Acrylic Charm - all handcrafted with love by our team of talented artisans
How much is it?
We offer a range of belly button rings to customize and personalize to your liking. On average, you might expect to spend $14.99 on a dangly design with gem ends.
Where are they made?
All of our handcrafted custom belly rings are made in-house at our warehouse located in Western NY. Our products are proudly made in the USA.
Why should I buy?
This makes a great gift for you or someone special! If you’re struggling for a good present to find this holiday season, one of our personalized belly rings could be the perfect thing.
What can I expect?
High-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a made to order belly ring customized with letters, a name, or a word that shows off what’s most important to YOU.
What size is it?
Our collection of custom belly rings for the holidays will be made with barbells of 7/16” (11mm) in length and of 14 Gauge (1.6mm) in thickness. This is the standard sizing used for belly button rings, so be sure you know your size before ordering.


Still not sure? Just check out one of our favorite (and most popular) belly rings on the site: the Clear Gem Custom Christmas Stocking Personalized Dangle Belly Ring. It’s perfect for this holiday season, whether you want it for you or as a gift for someone else in your life! Whatever you want, there is something to be found for everyone on our site, no matter what your budget may be. Trust us - we’re the experts on stylish and affordable belly button jewelry.

Don't have your belly button pierced? No need to fret - we've got personalizable body jewelry for a variety of different piercings, including plugs for stretched lobes and dangly nipple chains for pierced nipples. We even have customizable earrings pierced ears for those of you who keep it simple.