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Ever wonder why so many people cry during nose piercings?  Or exactly where a septum piercing is really supposed to go?  Then stay tuned, because we’ve got the cure for curiosity.

 piercing factoids

Q: Why does everyone cry when they get their nostril or septum pierced?  Does it really hurt that much?

 crying during nose piercings

A: This might sound funny, but I promise it makes sense: those tears, aren’t really tears.  At least they aren’t in the traditional sense, because they weren’t brought on by an emotional response.  Part of the sinuses backs up right into the tear duct, so the connection between our noses and our eyes is not just mental, but anatomical.  The natural reaction of our nervous system to being pierced through the nose (especially the nasal septum) is to protect the sensitive areas inside the nose, sinuses, and eye sockets by sending a message to the tear duct to release fluids.  Our naturally occurring tears act as both a lubricant, and a means of cleaning foreign debris out of the eyes and sinus cavity, so the body will respond this way, even if the needle didn’t really hurt.

Q: Where is a septum piercing really supposed to go?

 piercing sweet spot

A: We all know that the septum is the cartilage that separates our nostrils, but a “septum piercing” isn’t actually meant to be pierced through that cartilage.  Ideally, the piercing is made through a very specific area often called “the sweet spot.”  This is the area of skin between the edge of the cartilage and the bottom of the nose.  If you place your thumb and forefinger at the opening of your nostrils and pinch the skin between, you should be able to feel where the cartilage ends and the fleshy bit separating the nostrils begins.  Right there, that’s the sweet spot.

Q: Are there any other piercings of the nose besides the nostril, bridge, and septum?

 piercings of the nose

A: Several actually.  Some of these include the High Nostril Piercing, Septril, Rhino, Austin Bar, and Nasallang (a piercing that goes through one nostril, the septum, and then out through the other nostril).

  • T

    That picture you have posted identifying the sweet spot is incorrect. The sweet spot is rarely visible from the side and is actually up above the nostril line usually toward the tip of the nose just below the cartilage and above the spot you marked in the mucous membrane. Please correct this as just today I saw someone pierced incorrectly there and spreading false information like this can be dangerous. If you want to find someone’s sweet spot, wash your hands and put on gloves, then stick one finger up each nostril, press in slightly and pull down, you will feel the cartilage end and feel between your fingers a thin membrane that wiggles back and forth easily, that is the sweet spot.
    Please replace this picture with a cross section diagram of the actual sweet spot.

    Tiffany Guadagnino on

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