Chain Jewelry Options

Chain Jewelry Options

     Styles come and styles go, but one look that lingers is the look of chain jewelry. Elegant and classic, simple or ornate, available in a myriad of colors, lengths, and finishes, chain jewelry has been around for ages with good reason – you can wear it with everything and look fantastic! But don’t go thinking that chains are limited to necks and limbs. Even body jewelry offers multiple opportunities for wearing chains and we’re going to discuss a few of them. Before we do, it is important to note that all jewelry discussed in this article is for healed piercings only.

     One of the most typical first piercings is the earlobe. If you’ve got pierced lobes, there’s a chain for that! Commonly known as “lobe threaders”, these earrings are almost entirely composed of chain, usually with a charm or weight at one end. The chain itself threads through your piercing (hence the name), so you have a section of chain hanging on both sides of your ear with the charm hanging from one side. You get all the options of regular stud earrings – charms come in all kinds of styles – but with the fluid motion and look of chain jewelry. If your lobes are stretched, this style probably won’t work for you…. but that’s a perfectly good reason to add some more holes to your earlobes!


     If you have ear cartilage piercings, you’ve got even more options. Got an industrial piercing? Check out some chain dangle industrial barbells! Instead of being one long barbell, they’re a pair of short barbells connected by a length of chain. Frequently, they feature a charm in the center of the chain to give you all kinds of added options for your look. Some people who have irritable industrials even find this style of jewelry more comfortable to wear than standard jewelry. They range from the very simple to the extremely ornate and come in every finish available. Other cartilage piercings such as helix and tragus also have chain options available. Cartilage chain earrings are similar to chain industrials but with longer lengths of hanging chain between the barbells. This means you have more options because you can reach piercings that are further apart. 


     Chain jewelry isn’t just for ears, either! Symmetrical, paired nostrils are a popular look that you can add some chain to. Straight jewelry can be connected across the nose with chain for a look that is rapidly growing in popularity. The overall look is slightly exotic without being overwhelming and is available in quite an array of styles and finishes. Or if you want to take your look higher…. up your nose…bridge piercings are another choice for chain! Attached under the jewelry ends, the chain lays across the bridge with you deciding how long it is. The longer the chain, the further down it will hang. You can even get double and triple lengths, giving you bands of chain hanging at different levels. Even nipple piercings have chain options, some connected to necklaces while others may swing between your nipple piercings for a look that may not be appropriate for daily streetwear but can be absolutely showstopping in the right situation.

     Chain jewelry has been around for ages. Now it can be part of your look in a contemporary and up-to-date style. Don’t relegate chains to mere necklaces when you can rock them in so many other ways! Choose chain!