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celebrating National Jewel Day

Today, March 13th, is National Jewel Day.  This is a special day to give or receive jewelry, or to splurge on that super sweet piece of bling you’ve been eyeing for yourself.  Whether it’s quality precious and semi-precious gems, or big and sparkly costume jewelry, the one thing that’s a must on this jewelry-centric day is some swingin’ accessories.  Here’s a few fabulous and wallet-friendly gift ideas to get you started:

For a Friend

If you and your bestie go together like PB&J or two peas in a pod, then you’ll love this chance to share something more than friendship…  belly bling!  It’s like that best friend necklace you had in 1995, but far more sparkly, and with a hot 2013 twist.

 best friends belly button ring sets

For a Special Gal

Ready to make a huge impression?  Then huddle up and check out these sweet pieces that are about to land you in the “best boyfriend ever” category.  Precious gems are the ultimate gift, but the best thing about these nose rings is that you’ll still have dough left over for dinner and a movie.  Hint, hint.

 genuine precious gem nose jewelry

For an Awesome Mom

We all know that moms deserve only the best, so some sweet classic stud earrings that are made with real white or yellow gold definitely top the list.  Just like the best mothers, the beauty of what’s inside will last forever.

14 KT gold cubic zirconia earrings

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