Breast Cancer Jewelry!

by Alexander Baran

October has been National Breast Cancer Awareness month since 1985. There are many organizations and committees that hold fundraisers and events to raise breast cancer awareness and funds to fight breast cancer. now has a new line of Breast Cancer jewelry so now you can show your support in a fashionable way by wearing this beautiful jewelry. We carry earrings, necklaces, belly button rings and belt buckles all in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Check out our Sterling Silver Pink Ribbon Handmade artisan belly ring. The gems come in two shades of signature pink and a dangling symbol of hope lend style and resonance to the cause. You can also personalize your earrings, belt buckle or necklaces with the name of yourself or someone special. Show your support with this breast cancer ribbon earrings and create awareness.

by Alexander Baran

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