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This week’s Spring Break body jewelry fans party a little closer to home, but they have just as much awesome warm weather fun in their Body Candy jewelry.  We love the gorgeous masks and colorful costume beads in this super-sweet photo submitted by Kharla. Kharla writes:

My name is Kharla and my boyfriend’s name is Joe (that’s us in the picture).  I wore those earrings to Mardi Gras and received compliments the whole time.

The earrings stayed lit the entire night and never came off, and best of all they matched my outfit!  The light up earrings were such attention getters that we made new friends all night.

Sounds like Kharla’s light up CZ stud earrings were a great big hit.  Another body jewelry fan named Jessi was also the life of the party in her Body Candy jewelry.  Jessi kept it short and sweet, but we love her rockstar style, and her marvelous lip piercing.  She’s even wearing Body Candy ear plugs too!

Thank you for all your support, Body Candy fans, and don’t forget to keep it coming

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