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Ever wonder what makes the price of a 14KT gold piece of jewelry worth it? We’d like to give you a breakdown of why our solid 14KT gold nose rings are a great choice!

Our nose rings are set in a low profile setting. The setting has a flat bottom, to ensure the ring sits flush to the nose. Not only is there an aesthetic quality to this, but it also makes it less likely you’ll get the jewelry caught on something. Each stone has it’s own “seat” where a notch was cut into the setting to fit that individual stone by a professional, highly skilled craftsman. The stones are positioned as low as possible in the setting for a secure hold.

When buying 14KT gold nose rings, be wary of poor craftsmanship. Some jewelers use a setting that is shaped like a cone, with thin prongs that have no support from each other. Both of these factors make it easy for the diamond to shift out of place. The thin prongs are simply wrapped around the stones edge. The prongs are easy to see from the top of the jewelry and cover some of the beauty of the diamond.

Our jewelers take great care to prevent those things from happening. BodyCandy 14KT gold nose rings have a good amount of metal surrounding the setting, which means less of it covering the stone. This technique makes the piece of jewelry more sturdy, while also enhancing the diamond’s natural beauty and sparkle. You’d be hard pressed to find other diamonds in the industry of the same quality and within such a great price range!

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