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We’ve all struggled to remove the ball on the end of a piece of body jewelry before. Even the tiniest of hands can shake or be too soft to get a firm grip, and the terrifying end result of dropping the ball and losing it forever ensues.

Now you can eliminate human error with this Body Piercing Ball Removal Tool. Simply push the open end of the tool onto the ball and twist to remove. The silicone ends grasp the ball, allowing for easier removal.

You can check out the Body Piercing Ball Removal Tool, as well as many other aftercare products and tools, on our website.

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    I am interested in the Body Piercing Ball Removal Tool .. however, when I try to click on the item to take me to your website, I can not find the item. Was wanting to see how much it was and how quickly I can get it to me…or do you sell to tattoo parlors.

    Goldie Weekley on

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