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multiple piercings around the lips

These days a lip piercing is pretty, interesting, but it’s not really anything to balk at anymore.  Facial piercings are common place, and lips are one of the most popular locations.  The growing and evolving culture of mod though, has spit out plenty of developing trends, and one of them is multiple piercings visible around the mouth.

Combinations of labrets, monroes, and medusas can be used to create sets of piercings called “bites,” and unnamed combinations can include up to twenty piercings around the lips.  Common sets of bites look something like these:

 types of lip piercing combinations

Many of the most pierced individuals wear sets of coordinated studs in their piercings, which is sometimes required for every piercing to be able to have jewelry fit in it (because they’re so close together).  For the most part there aren’t any impairments to normal functions like speaking, eating, or brushing the teeth, but a number of piercings have the potential to start healing shut if jewelry isn’t regularly worn.  Just ask Elaine Davidson, the most pierced person in the world, whose visible lip piercings number over 17!

 most pierced person in the world

How many lip piercings would you get?  Let us know in the comments below.

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