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 piercings of the nasal septum

Piercing: Unlike most other common piercings, the septum piercing will often be performed while the subject sits rather than laying down.  Any number of accoutrements may be employed depending on nasal anatomy and the preference of the piercer, including a hollow needle receiving tube, cork, and Pennington forceps.  Alternatively, some piercing professionals will prefer to perform a septum piercing freehand with just a hollow piercing needle.

Aftercare: Care for the septum piercing will be similar to that of a regular nostril piercing, and may include sea salt soaks, cotton compresses, and/or gentle cleansings with antibacterial soap.

Jewelry: While many prefer to wear circular jewelry like BCRs, septum retainers of various shapes are also common, as are “bones,” or straight pieces designed to emulate tribal jewelry.  In recent years, mustache shaped septum rings, glass bars, and pincers have also become popular.

 circulars horseshoes and pincers

Style Variations: Septum piercings can be stretched, and new piercings through the stretched fistula can also be made, such as the septril piercing.  For most it is also possible to pierce through the septum area multiple times, resulting in double, or even triple septum piercings.

stretched, septril, and double septum piercings

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