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piercings of the upper lip

Piercing: A Monroe piercing will generally be performed with a hollow piercing needle of either 14 or 16 gauge.  Usually a surgical pen will be used to mark the placement, followed by a pair of Pennington forceps, and possibly a needle receiving tube or cork.  Before the piercing is performed, the mouth will be cleansed inside and out using mouthwash and liquid disinfectant.

Aftercare: Like other oral piercings, the aftercare for a Monroe will likely involve both cleanses and/or sea salt soaks, and internal cleansing with saline or special mouthwash.  Avoidance of alcohol, smoking, lipstick use, and other things that may aggravate the new piercing are also encouraged.

Jewelry: Most Monroe piercings will be worn with stud jewelry, but circular pieces are also possible.  Many choose stud jewelry with a flat backing to reduce the risk of gum and tooth damage.

 bioplast monroe piercing studs

Style Variations: The Monroe can be positioned in a variety of places above the top lip on either side of the mouth, but piercings above the center of the lip (in the bow) are called a Medusa, rather than a Monroe.  Monroe piercings on both sides are called angel bites, and when paired with a set of snake bites (lower lip piercings on both sides) are called “canine bites.”

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